Tai Chi Derby, The Tai Chi Centre


mproving Quality of Life. Qualified to accept GP Exercise Referrals.

Derby Tai Chi Centre is run by Carol Gascoyne, a Professional Tai Chi and Health Qigong Instructor. It is situated just outside the centre of Derby on London Road, Alvaston and has been designed to make the learning of these beautiful arts a calming and relaxing experience. It is easily accessible with regular buses running from the centre of Derby and free road side parking if you are visiting by car.

Classes cater for all ability levels (including seated learners) and beginners are always welcome. In fact, there are classes running specifically for beginners to ensure that everyone gets the attention they deserve. Private lessons for small groups or individuals are available on request as are referrals under the GP Exercise Referral Scheme.

Classes are available in:

Yang style Tai Chi (Yang 8, Yang 16, Yang 24 and Yang 16 sword)

Sun style (Sun 13 and Sun 38)

Tai Chi for Arthritis


Health Qigong Routines:

Yi Jin Jing (Muscle & Tendon strengthening exercises)

Ba Duan Jin (Eight Treasures)

Wu Xin Qi (Five Animals)

Liu Zi Jue (Six Healing Sounds)

Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Method (Daoyin 12 Health Preservation Exercises)

Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang (Health Qigong Stick Routine)

Da Wu (Great Dance)



All classes cost £6. No joining fees.


Carol is fully qualified and insured so insurance is therefore automatically included in the price.


Derby Tai Chi Centre is now the home for the newly formed Derby Tai Chi and Health Qigong Association. Our recent events include a training and sightseeing trip to China, various workshops taught by Tai Chi and Qigong Masters and a Tai Chi in the Park afternoon.  More events are already being planned for the future.








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